It is a well-known fact that the blazer is one of the most important pieces of any wardrobe. Nonetheless in many cases, men think that they are too dressy, and they just don’t wear them. In case you would like to make the best of your blazer, here are some tips on how to do it.

1. Dress shirt and jeans

Dress Shirt and Jeans

These work best with a navy or tweed blazer and you will get the look of a headmaster. You will have the ultimate academic look.

You could also go for the semi-academic style with slim Levi’s and a shirt with an unbuttoned collar. There is also the option to wear a tie.

2. Tan khakis and black slacks

This style is quite difficult to pull off. Keep in mind that there is a difference between the blazer and the suit, and so you don’t need everything to match; sometimes it is better to go for a contrast. You could go for tan khakis, navy blazer and a dress shirt. You can also try black slacks, a tweed blazer and a blue shirt.

3. Button up shirt and sweater

Ways to Wear a Blazer

This is the best look for the fall. The shirt will add structure to your look, while the sweater will keep you warm and add the layering that the look requires. For the look you most definitely need jeans, a wool sweater and button up shirts. In case you feel like the look is too conservative, you could also throw in a pair of sneakers.

4. Black tie

Ways to Wear a Blazer

For this formal look you need tweed blazers, black slacks, white shirt, formal shoes and don’t forget about the bow tie either. This way you can achieve the high class look you have been longing for. Naturally the look doesn’t work for all occasions.

5. Rolled up sleeves

For this style you need a large and unstructured blazer. Then roll up the sleeves, as in case of a jacket and then add a T-shirt, sneakers, slim jeans and just pull it off with confidence.

6. Cardigan

The style is very simple; all you need is a T-shirt, a V neck cardigan, and naturally the blazer. The style will keep you warm without your chest being too exposed. This is a comfortable and classic look, and it can be pulled off by just anybody. A similar style has been presented before, but this one is simpler, and it is just great for the working days.

7. Plaid shirt

If you would like to be fashionable, you should pick a plaid shirt with vivid colors and interesting patterns. You could be considering light gray and dark blue patterns on an electric blue background. Naturally for this you will require a navy blazer. You can be sure that there will be heads turning after you.

You may see that there is a lot to do when you are thinking about blazers and there are a lot of different styles that you could try out to see which one is the most suitable for you.

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