At the beginning of every new season, women look for something that would spice their wardrobe up. If this is the case you should take a look at the collection that Warehouse has prepared for you. Here you will find simple items that are more than modern.

The clothing that is offered by the company is always fashion forward and stylish. In the majority of the cases this is the perfect place for those fashionistas that don’t mind standing out in a crowd due to their unique style. In the new collection you will find simplistic silhouettes, pastel colors and modern shapes.

Warehouse Collection Spring(photo credit:

This spring is the time to look like you come straight from the runways. The items that you could opt for include denim jackets, drawstring dresses, tunics and trek trousers. The thing that works for everybody is skinny jeans that are suitable for every woman who is at least a tiny bit interested in fashion.

Looking for an edge? Consider the intense tropical prints and go for the wildest combinations. The floral patterns will be found this season on the dresses, tunics, shirts, pajama trousers and ground-skimming dresses.

If you would like to let the world see your feminine side, make sure that you choose something with pastel colors and simple shapes. You can find these in the Luminosity part of the collection. Look for the strawberry, lemon and pistachio shades. In order to make the look even more interesting keep an eye out for lace, satin and sequin.

There is nothing better to prepare for the next season than to go for the hottest dresses. You can find ones that have a vintage style of candy colors and mid-length. In order to have a bit of glamour, they also come with pleats, drapes and embellishments.

In order to ensure that you make the best of your feminine silhouette, choose the clean designs. There are some dresses of jacquard fabrics. Even the masculine blazers come with feminine details, such as added lace.

As you can see the designers have been thinking about the needs of all women: those who don’t mind showing the world that they are truly women and those that prefer to have an edge to their style.

No matter what you are looking for, for sure you will find it in the newest collection. Just give the company and the new collection a try.


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