At the moment the entire fashion world is waiting for the latest collection of Jason Wu to hit the stores. The collection got the name of Target. We know by now that it has been inspired by Jean Seberg and also by French New Wave films. This is why it is no wonder that we will find blouses having Peter Pan collars, nautical-tinged dresses and also pleated skirts. Naturally the designer didn’t forget about the handbags and the accessories either.

According to the designer, he didn’t want any replicas of the main collection. Instead he opted for offering entirely new clothing that comes with its own personality and voice, being inspired by his personality. There are some pieces that cost less than $60, and this makes it possible for almost everybody to have a piece of this collection.

Target from Jason Wu

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The items that we will find in the collection include pleated frocks, blouses with collars and neck ties, sailor stripes and naturally the tennis skirts couldn’t be missed. The designer characterized his own work as gamine chic.

We must say that in case this collection is as successful as the previous one, we will be looking at a new star in the world of fashion. The items have a retro vibe to them, and maybe this is the factor that will make them really popular. Let’s not forget that now retro and vintage items are more than popular, and so there is no reason for which this collection wouldn’t have all the success that people expect it to have.

According to the pictures that already hit the world, there will be some navy blue items, that are more than trendy in this season, and the sailor stripes give them more personality, making them unique. In the end, this is what we are all looking for, isn’t it?

In case you are wearing one of the pieces of this collection, you can be sure that people will notice you in a crowd, and most probably you will also get a self confidence boost, because people will start observing you.

Also the items offer you the possibility to show off your playful side. In the majority of the cases women don’t wear tennis skirts on a daily basis and so you will have the possibility to try something new and experiment a bit. Just get brave and enjoy the adventure.


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