In case you are looking to impress people with your sense of style, there is one item that you should make sure to wear as often as possible: a tuxedo jacket having contrast lapels. As you might have thought, the style and design have been inspired by menswear.

Although at first the sound of tuxedo jacket seems more than formal, you would be amazed by the versatility of the piece. If you are going for the formal look, match the jacked with long flared pants. On the other hand, when rocking your leisure style, opt for cuffing the sleeves. Let’s see how the celebrities manage with their tuxedo jacket.

Celebrities in Tux Jacket

Rose McGowan

There are a lot of celebrities who have been spotted wearing such a jacket, including Rose McGowan. She looked intriguing in her ivory tuxedo with black lapel and her satin pants. In order not to look too masculine, she went for ladylike makeup and hairstyle.

Katie Holmes

We would have never thought that she would ever go to a film premiere wearing a white tuxedo jacket. She received some help from Stella McCartney. The actress opted for a long jacket of hers. She matched with some cropped pants and heels offered by Dolce & Gabbana with polka dots.

Eva Longoria

She is known to have a really feminine style, and this is why it was a bit surprising to see her with a tuxedo jacket. She wore a shorter tuxedo jacket with flared pants that have been created by Gucci. We have to admit that she looked as chic as ever, so this could be an attire to be inspired by.

Anne Hathaway

The white tuxedo jacket with black lapels that she wore came straight from a 2012 collection. The leisure look has been completed by a shirt with an Elvis print and she couldn’t miss her sunglasses either.

Celebrities in Tux Jacket


You may see that there are numerous designers that offer such pieces and although you may think that they all look the same, in case you take a closer look you will see that they vary regarding the length, style, fabric and maybe even color.

In order to make sure that the jacket you choose is suitable for you and your needs, first you should try it on. This could be a bit of a problem in case you are used to shop online. Nonetheless this problem could be solved by taking your measures and comparing it to the available sizes.

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