What does it take to look like a real lady? While women have been borrowing the elements of a men’s wardrobe for centuries, the item that screams femininity is the dress. It doesn’t really matter what kind of dress you have in mind, mini or maxi, for home or for work, a classic little black dress or a fashionable leather dress, a knitted one or one made of chiffon… you name it. The most important thing is to have dresses, and the more you have, the better.

Trends for Winter Dresses (photo credit: womenbeautysecrets.net)

Slinky style

The most fashionable item of this season is the slinky dress that is able to offer you the silhouette that you have been always looking for. Also you have to keep in mind that in order to keep the pace with trend you need those dresses that are made of a shiny fabric, come with rhinestones or sequins to have the sparkly image that you have been looking for.

Feathers and ruffles

In case you are preparing for a special occasion, you should consider feathers and ruffles. Another thing that you should never forget about is to have different kinds of girdles. Besides the model of the dress, this is the item that will offer you the figure that you wish to have, creating a perfect waistline.

Knit it

The knitted dresses are also a major trend this season. If you are looking for the hottest designs, then you should most definitely consider volume knitting, mélange colors and the gradual transition from light tones to the darker ones.


You might be one of those girls who like to keep things simple, minimal, and so the perfect thing for you this season is to have minimal dresses. These come with the least parts possible and in the majority of the cases they are monochromatic.

X-shaped dresses

These dresses are considered to be one of the hits of the season, and they are also known as the hourglass dresses. The main point of the dresses is to be slinky and the skirt to extend downwards.

There are so many different kinds to choose from, that it might get overwhelming to make a decision. There are the seductive and formal, unobtrusive and bright and they can or cannot have decorations. If you want to make sure that you keep up with trend, keep an eye out for the dresses that are asymmetric, with lush sleeve, a band collar and halter neck, but there are also the dresses with a V neck. You shouldn’t be surprised to see dresses that combine different kinds of materials either.

Color it

When it comes to colors, the trendiest creations are considered to be those that come in a blue color. Naturally there are also the colors of fall, such as black, grey, brown and beige, and you also have to prepare for the bright hues, including purple, cherry and yellow.

In the majority of the cases the prints are geometric and floral patterns, and the lines have also come to fashion, horizontal or vertical ones.


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