Fashion trends seem to change by the moment, as culture consumes itself more rapidly than ever, thanks to the Internet’s darling child named ‘Social Media’. Fashion is one of those trendsetting cultural engines – fueled by the mighty modeling agency and early adopting celebrities – that will never die down.

So without further ado, mark your Twitter hashtags and check our these 7 FashionTrends of the moment.

Fashion Trends of The Moment1. Furs

Perhaps it’s the primal animal side of us rearing its beautiful head, but furs are big-time in vogue right now and they are popping up in every conceivable way, as accessories, jacket linings, earmuffs, and anklets. Don’t be surprised to see undergarment fur becoming popular soon. Gasp.

2. Sequins

Like furs, sequins are showing up in a lot of different styles right now, including swimsuits, evening gowns, jeans, and T-shirts. Since they can be used for stylish flair or simply a subtle addition to your existing wardrobe, sequins are extremely versatile. Fortunately, sequins are relatively inexpensive.

3. Colored Pants

If you think about it, you can just see them walking down the street – purple pants, green pants, yellow pants, all bright primary colors. This relic of the 80’s won’t go away and one can only thank their lucky stars that there aren’t more colors in the rainbow.

4. She-Timberlands

Girls wearing Timberland boots is another craze in the fashion world right now. Utility boots in general seem to be doing well as statements of style and independence.

5. Denim Jackets

Denim, especially the faded denim jacket look, is big again for the first time since the 80’s. Since they are warm, denim jackets are naturally popular in the winter time and even look stylish in the spring. Wear with plaid and wait for the magic.

6. Cardigan Sweaters

Popular among men and woman across many age ranges, cardigan sweaters are selling like hot cakes. The big question facing you is whether you will button it up or not. Also, be careful not to wear too loosely, unless you are going for the librarian look.

7. He-Scarves

Men have never worn scarves more than they do right now. Popular among hipsters, academics, and athletes alike, this style is so pervasive that it’s hardly even considered effeminate anymore.

Interestingly, pan-sexual stylistic themes are popular right now – women wearing boots, men wearing scarves, both men and women wearing cardigans and denim. But remember, fashion changes on a dime. Tomorrow we could be back to zoot suits and cargo pants!


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