The middle of the cold season brings up a new air in the street wear department. Cool looking outfits very much in tone with the current trends prowl the streets carrying the same fabulous air like any glamorous catwalk.

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Fur it

All there is need for is a bit of fuzz to make the pieces of clothing look elegant and just perfect for the winter season. You could be wearing just any wool coat if it has a hint of fur, and it will instantly become more elegant and elevated. Fur isn’t used only to make the clothing look more suitable for the winter, but in the same time it is just perfect to keep you warm during the cold season.


One of the most important arts that you will have to learn about this season is layering. This way you can add versatility to your look, not to mention that this is the easiest way to be warm during winter. Consider matching a trench coat with tights, boots, a shirt and sweater. You could also throw in a hat.

To make your look have some texture you could consider having a furry vest under your coat. Naturally you have to make sure that the coat isn’t zipped up. Some fashion conscious women say that the easiest way to achieve great looks is to be layering different kinds of knitted elements having different patterns.


Although the temperatures are low you can make yourself look hot with the help of accessories, which include scarves and also gloves. No matter what color your jacket has, you could make it pop through using the right colored set of hat and scarf.


It is true that usually red isn’t the most traditional color for winter, there are a lot of elements waiting for you in the winter season having this color. You could be thinking about a furry vest or a jacket in crimson hues. Also keep in mind that you could have hints and details of this color.


Naturally we aren’t referring to real blankets, but the jackets that come in the shape of blankets. This is the way to go in case you would like to look casual during the winter. The same style could be achieved if you wear an open front coat made of wool.

And don’t forget the bling

Just because you’re all wrapped up doesn’t mean you should miss those key bling pieces especially when there are some great watches and bracelets around at the moment. Michael Kors watches are a big hit at the moment, as well as his other accessories such as handbags and footwear.


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