Streetwear has never been known for being conservative, and so we can expect to see a lot of outrageous colors, such as grass green, bright yellow, bright blue, purple and red during 2012. The clothing is just as surprising, including chinos, shirts and shorts paired with espadrilles and naturally, sneakers.

Color Blocking

As you might have seen, there will be a lot of colors used in case of streetwear and one of the major characteristics of the sneakers is color blocking. This could appear in the form of stripes, pipes or lining.


The trendy colors have already been adopted by companies such as Lacoste when it comes to sneakers and other types of shoes suitable for the summer. There are different kinds of materials that the manufacturers like Nike Air Max are using, such as canvas, patent leather or nappa. Naturally they didn’t forget about the sporty details either.


The main point of this theme is to combine the looks of the maritime and Mediterranean theme with the sporty style. This is why it is no wonder that we will be seeing a lot of different styled deck shoes, and just as many variations of espadrilles, like the ones offered by Reebok and Adidas. As for the sole, we will be seeing different kinds of shoes coming with rope sole, such as sandals, lace ups and even ballet flats.

In case you are the sneaker kind of person, you may think that this style is too soft for you. Think again: the sneakers could also come in colors and styles that remind you of the yachting style, and you don’t have to give up the comfort of the good old sneakers.

The Seventies Style

You may think that the sneakers and the seventies cannot be mentioned in the same sentence. Nonetheless during this season you will be able to find sneakers in earthy tones. Although the material is about the same in every case, the style is given by the color scheme.

What brands to look for?

All the major brands are following the demands of the people with regards to the colorful and sporty sneakers that they are looking for. Make sure to consider the products from companies like Lacoste, Nike, Adidas, and Reebok.

In case you are also looking for some new shoes, make sure to take a look at Streetwear Store DefShop that comes with everything that you may be looking for.


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