Oscar de la Renta is known as one of the most reliable designers of New York that always tries to please his clientele from the Upper East Side while not forgetting about the representatives of the younger generation. For the spring collection he focused more on the young generation, especially on those who wish to wear his creations on the high class parties.

The first piece of the collection presented was a golden dress with a lace shirt and this was the first indicator that the designer truly shifted his focus to the young generation. There have been some specific characteristics of the 70s and 80s present in the design of the dresses; still these weren’t as representative as they have been in the previous collections.

Oscar de la Renta Creations


The overall collection can be characterized by a bohemian vibe. Some of the dresses truly looked like they have been especially created for the young starlets of Hollywood. The dresses are easy to be imagined worn by Hailee Steinfeld and Elle Fanning. Also the new collection is very close to the style of Anne Hathaway as it might have been seen on the red carpet.

The collection presented the hottest color of the season: canary yellow and there were several dresses of this color. Generally speaking the show has been a success.

There were only two dresses that have become quite controversial. They looked as though they were worn by Donna Martin because they have billowing sleeves.

It could be interesting to keep an eye on the effects that the collection has on the public. This is because the designer is looking to conquer a different section of clients this time and the kind of reaction that young people would have to the collection is anxiously expected.

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012

Reality or fairytale?

As it has been mentioned before, the majority of the dresses that have been presented seem to have been brought from a fairytale. These are the kinds of dresses that we could imagine Snow White or Cinderella in. Nonetheless you shouldn’t think that they don’t fit in the everyday reality.

If you don’t mind having people staring at you as you pass them on the street or having heads turned after you, this is the collection that you most definitely have to give a shot.

This is because it looks like it is going to have a huge success, and you do want to be trendy, right?


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