Every year there are different trends in men’s suits, and this year we can expect to see slimline suits. It looks like the major fashion houses have already adopted the new style, and maybe it’s time for you as well to consider renewing your wardrobe.

Slimline Touch in 2012(photo credit: www.shoppersbase.com)

Hugo Boss

The slimline suits that are offered by Hugo come with a blend of silk and luxurious wool. The jacket comes with two buttons and although it has a polished look, it is still modern. To make the jacket even more interesting, it comes with notch lapels that are made of the same material. At the sides we can find a vent, and the cuff comes with four buttons. The pants have straight legs and come with a mid-rise. For storage there are French pockets in the front and you can find zip flies.


The company has come up with classical looking suits. In this case the jacket comes with notched lapels welt and flap pockets and just as in the previous case, there are two buttons to close the jacket in the front. In this case the pants come with a concealed button, zip fly and clasp. In case of the pants we can find belt loops, back button pockets and slant pockets. Naturally all of the buttons come with the logo of the company. The material of the suits is composed of wool and mohair, so that the suits can only be dry cleaned.

Ralph Lauren

The best thing about the suits that Ralph Lauren has to offer is that they are suitable for all seasons and they are impeccably tailored. In this case the body width is lean with narrow arms, and the pants come with a slim cut and they have a lower rise. Just as the previous jackets, these also come with two buttons and they come with notched lapel, double vented back and sloped shoulders. Naturally there are some pockets inside as well for storage.

The pants have a curtain waistband and the clients have the possibility to have custom tailoring. The suits are manufactured in Italy and are made of 100% wool, while the lining is 100% viscose. Make sure that you dry clean the suits.

As you can see, there might be some big changes in the look of the suits that we will see this year.


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