If you agree that the jackets make an outfit complete, then you should know that there are some must-have items regarding spring 2012. Some of the most interesting items that you can find have been designed by Rebecca Minkoff. She has been inspired by the Paris of the ‘60s.

Spring Fashion 2012

Cropped jacket

Since these jackets are relatively short, they could do wonders for the look of your waist. Also they offer you the possibility to show off a great pair of pants or a fabulous skirt. Nonetheless you can be sure that you won’t be cold on the winter days. We could say that it is a swingy trench that is flirty and sharp in the same time.


It is a must to have at least one trench in your closet, and if you are wondering what kind to choose, make sure that you give the above the knee, below the waist one a thought. In case you don’t mind standing out in the crowd, you could also consider those that come with leather details.

Leather jacket

You could become cool, but still have an edge if you have a leather jacket in your closet. It is possible you will think that a black leather jacket would be too much for you. In this case go for a softer brown that compliments your personality. This is the perfect piece to remind you of your wild days.

Sporty jacket

For sure you know by this time that the runways of spring 2012 have been dominated by the sporty looks, and this is why you need a sporty jacket. In case you would like to make sure that you keep up with the trend, think about the ones made of quilted fabrics that come in the turquoise color to get bonus points on the fashion list.

Fancy blazer

If you are one of those girls that often wear cocktail dresses, you must make sure that you have a blazer at hand that goes with the dresses. To make sure that you won’t look like you come directly from the office opt for strong shoulders, tux collars and silky materials.

There is a lot you could achieve with a jacket: it could do wonders for your outfit, but in the same time it could ruin it, so choose wisely. Opt for something that complements both your look and your personality for the highest effects.

(photos credit: best10picks.com)


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