When people are thinking about the label of Hugo Boss they instantly think of high class, sexiness and luxury. In case you are interested in the trends of the next season then you should prepare chic modern and refined attires that will make people turn their heads after you.

As far as Black Label goes, the fans can expect to find modern and classy styles. The main characteristic of the latest collection is that it comes with alluring alternatives that make the label timeless, but we also have to add that the mainstream trends have not been neglected such as the stripes and the bold colors.

Hugo Boss Black For Spring 2012(photo credit: www.fashion-style.becomegorgeous.com)

There are two main characters of the latest ad campaign of the label: Malgosia Bela and Mark Vanderloo. They are known to be supermodels and they are the perfect choice to enhance the glamorous vibe of the collection that mainly focuses on elegance. Although the main point of the lines and textures is high class, this isn’t achieved on the expense of feminine notes. Even more, the designers offer women the possibility to show off their advantageous side through the hues, prints, and accessories.

Learn from it

There are a lot of things we could learn from the latest ad campaign, such as combining monochrome dresses with accessories that come in bold colors. There is a lot of emphasis on the waistline due to the use of the belts. There are also some status accessories used, such as the watches.

Another trend that we can observe in case of the campaign is that we should be relying on natural makeup that allows women to glow all day long. If you take a close look you will see that there is also a retro approach that can be seen especially in case of the sunglasses that have been presented.

Every woman could raise her elegance standards through adding a few new items offered by the label this season. Look for the items that will put you into the spotlight, if you think that this is something you could live with. Don’t forget to add a personal touch to your outfit so that you won’t look like you have been cut out from a magazine, but a strong woman with a sense of fashion that is not afraid to wear her personality.

Be ready to look spectacular exactly like the model Malgosia Bela and the label she represents.


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