There are various types of scarves made of different materials, and there are also numerous ways to tie them. Although the main point is to keep your neck warm, the way you tie your scarf also is an element of your look; so may be you should be more careful about it.

For him

How to Tie a Scarf

1. Parisian knot

This is the most popular knot of them all. In order to do it you will have to take the ends of the scarf in both your hands and then fold it over. Then twist the scarf around the neck and insert the end through the loop. In the end just pull the end so that you will be comfortable.

2. Once-around knot

In the majority of the cases men opt for this knot when they are wearing blazers and when they don’t want a lot of fuss regarding the knot. For this you have to place the scarf around the neck, with one end being longer than the other. Then just make a simple knot with the longer end, and make sure that you will have a neat end result.

3. Loose once-around knot

This knot isn’t about the usability of the scarf, but the scarf being a fashion accessory. All you have to do is to drape the scarf around the neck, one end being longer than the other, and then just let it hang as if you didn’t have time to finish the job.

4. Twice-around knot

This knot is similar to the once-around, but in this case you will have to twist the scarf around the neck twice. The good thing about the knot is that you don’t have to sacrifice warmth for style.

For her

How to Tie a Scarf for Her

1. Going stylish

This method is great for the cold days. What you need to do is to fold the scarf in half and then drape it around the neck. Then take the end of the scarf and pull it over the loop. This is the same as the Parisian knot in case of the knots for men.

2. Square

In case you have a square scarf, this is the way to go. Fold the scarf to create a triangle and then place it in front of your neck, with the triangle pointing downwards. Then twist the ends around the neck, allowing the ends to hang in the front.

3. For warmth

In order to make sure that you won’t have a sore throat the next day, you should twist the scarf around the neck as many times as you can, and then tuck the ends underneath it. The style works the best with blazers and dressy jackets.

4. Go bohemian

In case you have a patterned scarf, then you should hold the scarf in front of your neck and then twist the ends around it, allowing the ends to hand loose. This style works best if the scarf isn’t too long so that it won’t make you uncomfortable.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to wear the same scarf.


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