Let’s face it: no outfit is complete without a bag. This is why in every season women look for new bags to make their look complete. If this is your case, then there are some aspects that you should take into consideration when looking for a new one.

Bag Trends Spring Summer 2012


Pantone has been known for promoting every year a color. In the majority of the cases these colors have been a bit… off, to say the least. In the last two years we could have seen teal and pink as their main color, but none of them have really been in the center of attention of the fashion world.

Nonetheless this year it looks like they finally managed to get it right. They opted for a saturated orange-red that has been all over the runways and soon it has become the most fashionable color of the year.

Actually the color is known as Tangerine Tango. The majority of the women say that it is a color that is difficult to pull off. In this case it is better to be a handbag kind of girl because in this case the bag doesn’t get close to your face, so it isn’t a problem if it doesn’t complement your skin tone.

Cross body bags

Although this style has been around since fall 2011, it looks like the peak of its popularity will be in 2012. It managed to conquer the runways as well, since it has been seen as part of the show of Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors.

There are different styles of this kind of bag such as the mini bag or the messenger bag. These come in bright and pastel colors. On the other hand there are also the double handbag satchels that have detachable straps. The advantage of these bags is that they are a great investment and in the same time they make it possible for you to be fashionable.

If you like the satchels this season will be more than great for you because they come in every shape and style that you can think of, including pastels, brights, color blocking, and also black, white and brown for the women who prefer the traditional look.

This is the perfect way to achieve a mixture of traditional and fashion forward looks. Naturally not everybody can pull off a bag of this kind, so you must have the right attitude.


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