When winter comes, one of the best colors to wear is white. Nonetheless there are a lot of people who are stopped from being fashionable because of the rule saying that people shouldn’t be wearing white between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Well, if you are truly fashion conscious, you should know that this is just bogus, and go for the ultra-fashionable items, in white.

You might have all the trendy colors of blue, grey and black, but here is a challenge for you: try and add a splash of white to your look.

There are some tips and tricks that could help you pull off the true color of the winter holidays.

Winter White Christmas


While for some, white is just white, there are also some other alternatives, such as cream, off white and ivory. The advantage of these colors is that they could be easier to pull off than the pure white color, and they aren’t that screaming.


It’s not just about the color of white, but also about the fabric of the piece of clothing in question. The fabrics that work out the best for winter include white knits, leathers, corduroys, heavy laces and also thick cottons.

There are some other materials as well that you may like, such as linen and other sheer fabrics, but these are more difficult to pull off during the winter, not to mention that they don’t have the atmosphere of the holidays.


A white outfit doesn’t necessarily have to give the impression to people that you are like a little angel. If you prefer to become a tougher girl, go for boots, a scarf and also for a knit hat. This way you can be sure to boost your style.


In the majority of the cases when people see white pants they instantly think about summer and this is why it might be better to go for white tops or dresses.

Winter White Christmas

White coats

In case you are looking for a way to pull off white in a celeb fashion, this is the way to go. The white coats are more than elegant, and they add sophistication to your look. There are a lot of different styles to choose from, including pea coats, military style coats and trench coats.


It is a major trend this season to have fur on your clothing, and this is just the perfect material for the winter. This way you can add a touch of luxury to your winter holiday outfit.

Planning an outfit

When you are thinking about wearing a white coat, you can be sure that there is no way to go wrong with it. You can pair it with just any top or accessory. In order to have a simple look you could go for a pair of black skinnies, driving gloves and brown ankle boots.

In case you would like to make sure that people notice you, go for a white dress. Add grey thighs and ankle boots for the ultimate effect.

(photos credit: www.collegefashion.net)


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