The cropped pants are also known as capris and they are known to be shorter than the regular trousers. Usually they are above the ankles or even under the knee. Actually there are various lengths and so you might be wondering which length is most suitable for you.

The good thing about these pants is that they can be worn in just any season and almost for any occasion, ranging from formal to casual. Although they have a lot of advantages, you should know that in case you don’t choose the right length, your look could turn out to be a catastrophe.

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There are some rules that you should remember regarding these pants, and one of the most important is never to wear elasticated waistbands or drawstrings unless you are really skinny. Since these pants gather at the waist they make your belly and hips look larger not to mention that they enlarge your buttocks.

Tall and thin women

In case you are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure, you should go for the pants with flat front. This will make you look even taller. Also if you are slim and tall, you can wear cuffed legs too without being afraid of the outcome.

In these cases you are lucky enough to be able to wear pants of just any length. You could also try hems. Usually the tapered or straight hems work out the best so basically you could go for almost any style.

Plus size and petite

If you feel like you have a few extra pounds or you have a petite figure, you should consider wearing straight legs. Regarding the size in the majority of the cases those trousers are the most advantageous that reach below the mid calf or above the ankle.

It is very important to keep the length in mind because this way you can make sure that your figure is well proportioned.

You may like flared legs, but this would be a bad choice because it might accentuate the heavy thighs and ankles and they make women look shorter than they are. There should be no cuffs or ribs on the pants, so go for the neatly folded hems. This way you can make people forget about your ankles and calves. In order to look slimmer, you could wear a not too tight top that reaches all the way to the mid hip.

Being casual

You should know that in case you are preparing for a casual occasion, you should be looking for the shorter lengths. This is a great alternative for the shorts, and in the same time they offer a feminine look.

To achieve the ultimate casual style, match the cropped pants with vests, T-shirts or tunics. One of the most important rules to remember is if you have loose pants do not wear loose tops with them. This could add extra pounds to your figure that you may not want to show to the world.


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