Men are always whining that they cannot find the perfect gift for women, but let’s face it: the job of women isn’t much easier either. Nonetheless, in case you would like your partner to be trendy and warm during the winter holidays, there is one item that you should make sure he will find under the Christmas tree, winter hats.

Christmas Gifts for Him

Comme des Garcons Shirt

There are a lot of cool caps that the company has come up with for the cold season. Mainly there are two styles coming with knitted wool and flaps with fur. This way you can be sure that the men you love will have their ears in warmth. Both of the presented styles come in two different color schemes.

Norse Projects

The Norse Projects is a Scandinavian brand that have just presented their latest collection for the winter. This features numerous cozy and warm classic hat styles that come with a modern spin to them.


The majority of the hats of the company are made of lamb wool and so you can be sure that they are warm and comfortable for the cold days. These hats will make sure that the head and the ears will stay warm.


The company offers a more classic approach to the matter of hats, and the majority of the cases these hats remind people of the movie ‘Home Alone’, having the same style as the kid had.

Flat caps

These are more suitable for the men with a classic style. At first you may think that they are retro, but the truth is that they are coming back in force, and we have seen them worn by numerous well-known personalities all over the world.

Ted Baker

This is another company that you should consider when looking for winter hats. The cutest thing about their hats is that they come with ear flaps, so you can be sure that the ears will stay warm.


While a lot of people think about women’s dresses when hearing the name of Gucci, you should also know that there are some hats for men that the designer house has come up with. You should consider the knit hats with the signature web details coming in the colors of white, black and grey.

Find hats, and more Gucci men’s clothing, online.


This is another well-known fashion house that has come up with winter hats for men. The truth is that their style is quite different from the style of Gucci, and they are more suitable for the young men, who want to achieve a casual look.

North Face

At this company the most important aspect is functionality and this is why the hats that have been designed come with microfleece earbands. This way it is possible to minimize the loss of heat.


If you are looking for some nice hats for men, make sure that you also visit a Zara shop. Here you will find more traditional hats, but you can be sure that the recipient of the gift will appreciate it.


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