One of the easiest ways to spice up your look is to have some trendy belts that you can use to make your style even more interesting. The good news is that in this season, there are numerous chic belts that you can choose from.

Trendy Belts

1. Braided belts

These belts can be used in order to add shape and texture to your style. They are easy to be added to just any dress or ensemble. Although the majority of women think of rope when they hear about braided, there are some other options as well, such as metallic or silk braided belts.

2. Red belts

In every season there are different trends that are competing, but in case you would like to make sure that you will stand out in the crowd, go for the red belts. In case you are wearing all white, the red is a good option to add color. The same thing is true if you are wearing white and navy blue.

The idea could be taken a step further in case there are some chain inserts in the belt. Buckle straps are also a useful addition to grab the attention of others, and also think about other features.

3. Sash belts

These are also known as obi belts and for sure you have seen them all over on the runways. These belts are made of more than just material that is wrapped around your waist. This way you can achieve the hourglass silhouette and you can draw the attention to your waist. The trendiest belts of this kind could be of three inches wide.

4. Metallic belts

To add some spice to your look all you need is a gold metallic belt. There is almost nothing that you can’t wear such belts with, ranging from tunics to fitted blazers. In case such a belt is too much for you, you could also choose a solid gold belt with gold studs, beads, rivets or sequins.

5. Corset style

You may be one of the more romantic girls and these types of belts are the perfect way to show off this side of yours. These have been the signature feature of the Victorian dresses. Those belts that come in a vintage look are made of flowery fabrics, ribbons and other details that you won’t find in case of the more modern belts. It is very easy to get creative with the help of these items.


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