In case you are looking for the most gossiped event of the fashion world these days, know that this must be the moment when Tom Ford finally showed his latest collection to the world in his headquarters in London.

This presentation has been semi private, with no cameras around. This is because the designer wanted his collection to be seen for the first time close to the date when it will be available in the selective fashion stores.

Tom Ford and the Diva Wear(photo credit:

For a while he has been handling other matters as well, but since he returned to the world of women’s fashion, he has set some new ground rules: there should be no cell phones at his presentations, no tweeting and there shouldn’t be overnight runways reviews. He thinks that this way people won’t get bored of his clothes even before they can get their hands on them.

According to him his vision is quite old fashioned. He would like to create timeless collections, and not to change the style from one season to the other. He wants to create pieces that stay in the wardrobes of women as long as possible, even forever.

When he is talking about classic pieces, he is referring to sexy items including blouses fitted at the waist and he has in mind something bondage like on the feet, his favorite being the wedge with the chain strap.

He would like to offer women something that they have already seen before. He admits that his style might have a bit of YSL to it, but still he is working hard to create collections that are truly defining his brand.

The latest collection managed to grab the attention of the fashion world through the Spanish influenced peasant blouses and the sterling silver jewelry that is plated with gold.

He got much of his inspiration fromNew Mexicowhere he has a ranch not to mention that he got the idea of the barbed wire twisted cuff from his partner.

The designer based the latest collection on the reaction of women to his first two collections. It looks like they are looking for ruched dresses and shaggy fur jackets. One of the dresses that seemed really interesting is a silk polka dot dress that the designer called ‘milkmaid deluxe’.

Even though the clothes may seem to be simple, you can be sure that they are well-fitted and he is using the highest quality fabrics.


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