If you would like to make sure that people will notice you this winter, you should consider wearing the items of the Oasis Christmas 2011 Partywear Collection. You will find everything that you need, ranging between the classic little black dress, dazzling sequins, floral embellishments and punchy shades.

Oasis Party Wear 2011With the help of the pieces of the collection it will be easy to add a touch of personality to your look. The majority of people think that the look of women in this period is predictable; why not prove them wrong giving the classic pieces a modern touch!

Try to go for the daring combinations. The biggest advantage of the collection is that there is a kaleidoscope of LBDs, glitz and lace that come in chic and sexy designs, not to mention glamorous pieces.

In case you are preparing for a special event, for sure you will find something that you like in this collection. There are a lot of different ways to spice your look up, and one of the most surprising elements of the new collection is represented by the frock that you can find in different stylish designs.

The colors of the dresses that you will find include red, purple and green. These come decorated with sequins and different styles, like flared, one shouldered, pleated, bandeau style, embellished, shift, and sheer. These make it possible for you to have the dramatic entrance that you have always wanted to have.

One of the most interesting dresses that you will find is the one that has been inspired by the 50’s style. This comes with a flare shape and a flattering fit. You will find it ripped at the waist and it comes with a skirt that is fuller than you would have expected. Just as the majority of the dresses of this season, it finishes above the knee.

The thing that makes it pop is the color, and let’s not forget the fact that it also comes with some lace, that is very sexy. There is a bow belt tying in the back, closing with a zipper and the V shaped neck is also an important feature.

In case you are one of those girls who want to feel comfortable, there are also the loose metallic T-shirts and tops with mesh embellishments and sequins. Also let’s not forget about the jackets that come with floras sequin drapes, skirts and jeggings.


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