One of the best known collaborations of this year was between H&M and Versace, and only a month after this collaboration ended, the collaboration with the new designer has been announced. For the next year, H&M teamed up with Marni.

Marni is an Italian label that has been created by Consuelo Castiglioni. This fashion house is extremely popular among the girls that would like to have a chic look, with a bit of lux boho, nod to arts and offbeat. The style is characterized by the use of colorful and collage style prints.

New Name for H&M(photo credit:

These prints and mixtures of colors have been in the spotlight during the Milano fashion show, and since they hit the stores they were spotted in case of numerous well-known celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz and Anne Hathaway.

As a result of the collaboration there will be women’s and men’s collection along with accessories like the necklaces that come with a homespun feel, and let’s not forget about the conical hats that have become the signature of the fashion house. From what we could already see, these collections will be quite relaxed, but the well-known polka dots of Marni for will not miss for sure.

According to the designer, the main point has been to create a collection for the fashion house that come with all the well-known prints and fabrics. We can expect nothing less than a mixture colors and prints in the world where the modern and the tribal styles collide. The collection is even more interesting since there are also sporty elements.

The pieces that we’ll see for sure include dresses, full pleated skirts, jacquard knits and cropped trousers, and the majority of these items have been inspired by the African style.

In case you would like to get your hands on these items you should already make the economies for them, because the items come in limited edition.

Besides Versace, there have been some other known names as well that collaborated with H&M such like Karl Largerfeld and Jimmy Choo. Although you can still find these clothes, they are already in the past. The representatives of H&M simply love the new collection.

You can expect to find the newest collection in the stores around March 8, 2012. In case you are really curious about the outcome of the collaboration, you can have a sneak peak at the videos that can already be found online.


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