Missoni is an Italian brand that is most well-known for the zig-zag patterns that it is using, not to mention the bright colors and mixes. The latest collection of the brand was sold by Target. The interesting thing about this sale is that the items were sold a lot cheaper than usual, and this is something that created a lot of interest among the customers of Target, as well as among the fashion editors.

It looks like this was a really good strategy, since it managed to bring the site of the company down. The new items became available at 6 AM and at 9 AM and the website target.com was already down. Until about 11 AM, the website simply wasn’t usable. Later it became functional, but only for minutes.

Success of Target Collection(photo credit: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com)

According to the representatives of the company the website was down because of a huge amount of traffic it received from the launching of the new Missoni collection. The company stated that it is important for them to offer their customers the best buying experience and this is why they apologized for the inconvenience that they caused.

The furious people were sending Twitter messages. Some of them said that they managed to log on the page and select the items that they wanted, but they got an error message the moment they tried to proceed to checkout. There were some websites that tried to make the situation better by offering alternatives to the customers, such as mobile sites. Nonetheless these sites were crashing too. The company was trying to keep in touch with the customers through Twitter, but it couldn’t manage this either.

Target had numerous collaborations with well-known designers, such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Calypso St. Barth. In order to make the items more affordable, they offered their creations made of cheaper fabric. The Missoni collection comes with barrettes, flats, clothes and even a patio set that comes with the zig-zag pattern.

It looks like Missoni did it again: it created a demand that the company wasn’t able to meet. Target also came up with the idea of a pop-up shop, and all the items were sold off in just one night.


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