In 2012 we might expect to see some dresses that seem to have come directly from fairytales. This is the feeling that you get in case you take a look at the latest collection of Marchesa. The clothes have become more than simple pieces of clothing for the designers managed to create art using structural architectural designs. Thus they managed to grab the attention of the audience.

The head designers of the fashion house are Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman. They seem to really know their way around when it comes to the dresses meant to appear on the red carpet. The latest collection can be characterized by the fluid textures, special details, amazing appearances and breathtaking overall looks.

Marchesa(photo credit:

We might be already used to the style that the fashion house has, and this is why the fact that this collection is amazing doesn’t come as a huge surprise to us. The main point is to enhance the feminity of women through offering them romantic pieces. Although there is a structural shape, there is no edge of the dresses. Each of the models comes with a high level of elegance.

The truth is that the new collection is very powerful. Actually it is more of an explosion of gold fringes. The designs that have been presented are all meant to enhance the curves of women, creating harmony, and offering the much desired hourglass silhouette.

The entire collection can be characterized by a chromatic area having creamy and white shades in the spotlight. The dresses have a special architecture that offers them a futuristic look, and this is what surprises the majority of people at first sight.

In order to create some mystery, the designers have used a lot of see through fabrics.

Since we are talking about feminine items, there is no way that the floral patterns could miss. Another important characteristic of the dresses are the fringes that seem to have become the trademark of the collection. It is no wonder that people, and also the critics have got their eyes on these pieces of clothing.

Since the collection has become so popular in such a short period of time, we shouldn’t be surprised to see some celebrities rocking the dresses on the red carpet or other special events. You should also think about them when you are preparing for a special occasion that requires a special dress of this kind.


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