Belts are not only useful, but they are also an important accessory in case you would like to spice up your look a bit. There are many different styles to choose from, and this means that there are numerous styles to achieve with their help.

1. Obi belt

There are a lot of girls who like to have tops with fabric skirt, but the truth is that if the top is tucked into the skirt, it could end up looking messy. This is why it is a good idea to hide this area with the help of an obi belt. If you use the belt, there will be no bumps that could ruin your look.

2. Leather belt

A lot of people think that the leather belt is old school, but there are a lot of different ways to use it if you want to. As an example you could have a loose fitting dress that you can add the belt to. This way you will be able to achieve the glam look of the 1970s. Also this will turn the shapeless dress into a more feminine one.

3. Shiny belts

A lot of women don’t really think about this, but the shiny belts can’t only be used with pants or skirts. You also have the possibility to add them to a cardigan. Place the belt higher than your waist to make sure that you have a nice silhouette and that you don’t look like a soup can.

4. Wide belts

Make a Belt Fashionable

In some cases you may feel that a body-con dress shows too much. To help with this problem and to break the monotony of the dress you should add a wide belt that would work similarly to a corset. In case of many women this helps them achieve the hourglass body shape.

5. Embellished belts

Make a Belt Fashionable

This works best with skirts that have a more complex pattern. The chaos created by the pattern can be accentuated with the help of such a belt. This way you can be sure that the skirt will be kept in place and it will add some spice to your look through the mixture of different patterns.

6. Knotted belts

Make a Belt Fashionable

Structured trousers can be worn outside the office as well in case you add the right accessories. Opt for the skinny, knotted belt, and after you notch it, loop it around itself and let the end loose. This way the serious and strict look will become more casual.

7. Double wide belts

Make a Belt Fashionable

In this season it is common for women to wear jackets, since it is pretty cold, and so this could be turned into the centerpiece of the look if you add the right belt to it. It’s not only structure that these belts will provide you with, but also they will make sure that your jacket will stay closed, not to mention that they will enhance your figure.

You may see that there is more to do with the belts than you knew so far and they could do a lot of good for your look.

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