Let’s face it, when you first started dating your boyfriend, he probably always smelled good, shaved, and wore the best duds in his arsenal. Then after getting to know each other a little better, he started to wear t-shirts, hoodies, and even flip-flops on a regular basis.

Buy Clothes For MenHe used to be so stylish and well groomed, but his lack of effort has really gone down hill. While you should take his laziness as a sign that he is getting more serious about the relationship, you probably also want the old, sexy boyfriend back.

Just because he won’t go to the mall and survey the men’s clothing¬†stores doesn’t mean your man has to look like a slob all of the time. If you really want results, you need to be proactive and take control of things on your own terms. Here are some guidelines for picking up some new threads for significant other:


If you purchase a bunch of soft cotton, athletic tees for your man, he will for certain wear them around the house and for daily activities. Most men stick to under shirts and old standbys for day-to-day wear. By gradually introducing new elements into his wardrobe, you can sneak in better style without seeming intrusive.


Jeans are probably the trickiest thing to buy for a guy. You don’t want them to fit too snug like some pretentious indie kid, but you don’t want them to hang too loose like a late 90’s rap-rock singer. In order to get the best fit, make sure the jeans fit well and always stick with labels that are either slim straight or loose boot-cut.


Most men pride themselves on only owning two pairs of shoes: a set for dress and a set for sport. While this may give you more closet space, it leaves your man few options for different occasions. Try bringing his total shoe count up from 2 to 5 pairs. Make sure he has a pair of black and brown dress shoes, a pair of athletic shoes, and at least 2 pairs of casual sneakers at all times.


Accessories are a tricky area for most men. Most of them will only want to carry what they can fit in their pocket, but they refuse to wear satchels and messenger bags for fear of the purse resemblance. If you are on the fence about purchasing an accessory, ask him first so you don’t waste any money.

If you want anything done right, you’ll have to do it yourself. Unfortunately that piece of cliched wisdom applies to men’s clothing and fashion as much as anything else. If you want a guy to dress better, make sure you are vocal and honest about it in order to make your relationship that much stronger.


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