Christmas is like… Christmas. There is nothing you could compare the winter holidays with because they are so special, and to make them even more special, this is the right time to show off your sense of fashion. There are a lot of looks that you can pull off during this season, which might not be so suitable for the other times of the year. So what to do if you are invited to a classy event?

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Be subtle but sexy

You don’t need those tight dresses that you can find in the shops, that make you feel quite uncomfortable. In order to make sure that you actually get to enjoy the event, opt for more comfortable pieces of clothing. Follow the lead of Camila Alves, who opted for a cozy dress, that in the same time makes her look sexy and it is quite sparkly to reflect the spirit of the season.

A touch of lace

We can say that there is nothing trendier this season than lace, so this is something you definitely have to consider when thinking about elegant events. Consider the detailed embroidery, just as in case of the dress of Carolina Crescentini. Such a dress could make sure that you will get the attention of every man in the room.

Become a diva

In case you don’t mind people staring at you, consider getting a dress with a high hemline and some glitzy embellishment. You could be inspired by the look of Carrie Underwood. To make sure that your outfit will be suitable for the event, look for the dresses with long sleeves.

Go white

When winter comes, people think that the color that symbolizes the season best is white, and this is why it might be a good idea to consider this color when looking for a new dress. Think about a long white dress, which is suitable for just any skin tone and hair color. In case you would like to take things a little further, look for feather details, just as Beyonce did to make sure that you will be the star of the event.

Bring some fire

If the classic style of black and white outfits isn’t the one you have in mind when it comes to the holiday looks, then you could spice your look up through adding a long red dress. You could be thinking about something simple, or something more interesting with structured shoulders, such as Lea Michele did. This way you will have a classic dress with a modern spin to it, and you will be able to make a statement without it being too much.

Greek goddess

In case you take inspiration from the Greek styles, for sure you cannot go wrong. You should have in mind a flowing drape dress, such as the one that Olivia Wilde has been rocking. In order for the dress to be in the center of attention, you should have a natural makeup and pull your hair in the back, in an updo.


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