In case you are one of the girls that are really into fashion, there is no way for you not to know about the art of Nicholas Kirkwood. He is one of the few who managed to stay in the spotlight during all these years, and this is all because he has a unique vision.

There are a lot of celebrity fans of the designer, including Kirsten Dunst and Gwyneth Paltrow. He is a designer who created shoes among which every girl could find one that she could not live without.

Glam of Spring 2012 Shoes(photo credit:

In order to get the necessary inspiration, the designer is said to have gone to Baliand he returned with a new collection filled with feminine feel. In case you take a look at the spring collection you will find a garden of colors and bold prints. The main focus of the collection is on the floral prints and the bows that make any woman elegant and feminine.

The collection is characterized by a modern touch and it comes with everything that summer needs, there are still a few designs that are more classic so that you will find a shoe in the collection for just any occasion.

All the colors, prints and details add a high street allure and radiance to the wardrobe of women. According to the designer no flower is just a flower and no bow is just a bow.

They are meant to dress the heel and the toe and the flowers in reality are just like birds having their wings spread. Now this is a really poetic approach to a collection of shoes.

The women who are already used to the style of the designer might not be that surprised to find the flats, platform pumps and sandals that can spice up any outfit. The designer added that this collection comes with lower heels as well of 75-80 mm and even flats.

This is so that the collection will have something for the new and old customers as well.

The main attractions of the collection are considered to be the pumps that have been decorated with Keith Haring’s artwork.

Although the shoes are more than magnificent, the bad news is that in case you are on a budget, this could not be the most suitable collection for you. The price tags might be too high for you to be able to reach them, but you can always save up for a pair.


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