Those girls who like to show off their tough side will be thrilled to see the newest collection of H&M called Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. There is almost nothing that you can’t find in this collection, ranging from leather jackets, ripped jeans, torn jeans and biker boots.

The new collection has been designed by Trish Summerville. There are 30 new pieces that the collection comes with that can turn you into the tough girl that you feel like inside.

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

For sure you know the movie and there is no way for you not to know its anti-heroine, Lisbeth Salander. Just like her, the collection is addressed to those girls and women who don’t mind being stared at because of their special style.

The majority of the pieces come with aged looks that are just perfect for the heroine and… you. In the movie, the clothes of the character are quite old and worn down, not to mention that they are also dirty. The designers of the line have taken the main idea of the style and turned it into something more wearable and realistic.

The best thing about the collection is that the pieces are wearable and you have the possibility to mix them in numerous different ways, achieving a truly versatile wardrobe. Choose from the black or burgundy leather jackets, loose shirts, hoodies, tank tops and coats.

The interesting thing about the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is that they come decorated with a Swedish proverb. It is important to note that all the pieces are very comfortable and they have the possibility to boost your wardrobe. You should think of the collection as a mixture of punk and goth. Besides the cool pieces of clothing, there are also hip accessories.

When you take a look at the collection you will see that all of the pieces show strength and power; so the women can show that they don’t mind the rest of the world seeing their unique style.

Starting with this month, you will be able to find the collection in all the 180 stores of H&M in the U. S. but the people who have been in Paris could have seen the items there as well at a high-end boutique.

It looks like this season isn’t just about the sweatshirts embroidered with reindeers and other Christmas motifs, but you can wear anything you like, even if it is leather.


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