If you are looking for something to keep you warm and cozy this winter, then you should consider the Dorothy Perkins Winter Collection for 2011/2012. This comes with stylish, cozy and trendy pieces that you will like to have in your wardrobe for sure.

Dorothy Perkins Winter CollectionDorothy Perkins is one of the largest retailers of the UK, and this year it offers you some pieces that besides keeping you warm, also add an edge to your style.

The best thing about the items that it has to offer is that they give you the youthful, hip and colorful look effortlessly. With their help you will be able to make a fashion statement for sure. Even more, you can stay stylish during the winter without going bankrupt, since the products that are offered by the company are relatively inexpensive.

There are a lot of different pieces that you are going to find, including jumpers, gilets, cardigans, ponchos tunics and tops. You can find all your favorite knitted items that keep you cool. There are some retro looking items, such as the ponchos inspired by the 70’s. This is just perfect for the cold winter days when you are wearing dresses or jeans. Also take a look at the knitted dresses that come with a lace collar.

If you are looking for a fashionable update of the wardrobe, then you should consider macs, parkas, duffle coats and trench coats. In case you are searching for something even more stylish, then consider a quilted jacket that comes with a shirred waist and gold buttons.

If you would like to make sure that your style is varied but you don’t have to make a large investment then consider the fact that the pieces offered by the label are more than versatile. There are the chinos, jeans, skinny pants, shorts, tops, T-shirts, vests, circle skirts, and dresses that you can mix and match.

Naturally the company didn’t forget about the accessories either, and so you can also find some shoes, scarves, handbags, hats, and snoods. This means that the label offers you everything you need in order to stay on top of fashion and to have all the items that you need to stay warm and cozy. The best thing is that it offers all this for a lot less than the other well-known labels that you may know of. Now this is something that you should take advantage of.


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