As you might have already realized, retro is the new trend, and this is why there are more and more women rocking with colorful leggings. The best thing about them, besides adding some color to your look is that they come in many different styles, patterns and colors.

1. Some assistance

The truth is that in case women find leggings that are advantageous for their look, they buy them in every color they can find. The best ones to look for at the ones with a slightly higher waist with a V shaped waistband that will make your tummy look flatter.

2. Fierce look

Ways to Wear Leggings

If you would like to have a really feminine and trendy look, consider getting colored, sequined or latex leggings. Nonetheless you should keep in mind that the latex legging are advantageous only for those girls that are really skinny, and the colorful ones also could add bulk to your legs.

3. Your advantageous side

You might want to show off your nice hair and makeup, and the easiest way to draw the attention to them is to have black leggings and brightly colored tops.

4. Dare and wear them plain and simple

Ways to Wear Leggings

It is true that you would need to have the right type of body but in case you are daring enough, show off your female curves with a cropped blouse and a high waisted pair of black leggings. Don’t forget the over-the-knee boots or statement heels to complete the look.

5. Skirts

Ways to Wear Leggings

The skirts and dresses are feminine by themselves, but if you want to spice the look up a bit, you could also add leggings that come with an interesting texture or pattern.

Your playful side

To make your appearance more youthful, you could try the leggings that come with zippers. These leggings aren’t suitable for the shy girls, but their advantage is that they can be worn during the day and the night. In the daytime opt for flats, and you can go for the heels during the night.

6. Focus on the shoes

leggings With Shoes

There are a lot of different kinds of shoes that you could wear with leggings. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for flats, heels, sneakers or slippers. The leggings usually let the shoes take the stage.

7. Rockin’ like a rock star

Ways to Wear Leggings

The leather leggings could turn you into a real star. The best thing you could do is to pair them with blazers and stilettos for the ultimate look. It seems like the most popular color combination is the black and red this season.

8. Going back in time

Back in the 1980s when the leggings have been popular, there has been another trend: acid-washed jeans. This is why there are a lot of leggings that have the look of these jeans.

9. Hiding your flaws

Wear Leggings


It’s not just about adding a splash of color to your wardrobe, but also about hiding everything that you don’t think is advantageous for your look. As an example in case you wear leggings nobody will ever know that you didn’t have time to shave.

10. Feeling the school spirit

Ways to Wear Leggings

If you go for the black and white colors you can be sure to achieve a look that will bring you back to the school years, making you look younger. Also you will be able to get in the right spirit.

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