Asos is best known for the fact that you can find trendy articles for less than $100. Now you have the possibility to have a sneak peak at the new collection that the company prepared for the warm season.

In case you take a look at the new items, you will see that it is a really colorful one and the majority of the items have a sporty edge to them. The young women will have the possibility to show their youthful and playful side.

Asos and a Splash of Colors(photo credit:

There are numerous unexpected matches that you will find. As an example you could match jersey and neoprene. In case you are going for a transparent top, make sure that you have a tank top under it. The most surprising thing is that this look is really cute. In case you don’t have the budget for a more expensive outfit, you could go for more sporty and futuristic look. The items that the company offers are simple, like tank tops and bubble skirts. With this combination you can show off your girly side.

Also let’s not forget the statement sunglasses that you will be able to find in stores starting with February. When you have been a child for sure you have had numerous colorful items in your closet, and these came back in style, only that this time they look more chic. The best thing about these items is that you can mix them anyway you want to.

In case you aren’t really into the more eccentric looks, you could have a simple and feminine style with a drop waist mini dress that has been in the spotlight of the runways. The dress that you can find at Asos is one of the coolest one that you can find on the market.

Things you didn’t know

There are some things that you might not have known about the company, such as the fact that there is a salon collection made of handmade dresses that have been created in the London atelier of the company and these are affordable too. There is a collection inspired by Africa and these clothes are created with the same fair trade artisans that Suno is working with.

The best thing about the new collection is that the designers paid a lot of attention to the different details and the quality of the clothes is as high as it has been expected.


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