It is a well-known fact that during the winter, people are looking for clothing that would keep them warm on the cold winter days, and at the same time something that also looks nice. The best way to achieve all this is to layer the different items.

Winter Fashionable Warmth


You might be one of those persons that like to wear turtlenecks, and during this season you shouldn’t be afraid to wear them. All you need to do is to add a bright colored item to them, and so they could become a basic element of your look.

Another tip that you should know is that scarves are also working for layering. This is because often the winter coats are monochromatic so they need a bit of color.

Long cardigans

This year everything is maxi. There was the maxi dress, maxi skirt and now we can also see maxi cardigans. They are more than real and they make wonders in case of layering. If you would like to have a stylish layered look, this is the way to go on those very cold days.

Big top and skinnies

In case there is too much volume, you will seem to be out of balance. Nonetheless there are some ways to bring the balance back. As an example you could have an oversized top with narrow trousers or skinny jeans. This look also works for two oversized tops. The look will be absolutely balanced, and the two tops will add a bit of unexpected to your look.

Sweaters and dresses

You might have some flirty dresses that you simply love, but you may think that you have to give them up during the winter. Just rock the same dress and add to it a nice knitted sweater. All the look lacks at the moment is some nice legwear and you are good to go. This style is already more than layered.

Knits and leather

This year is most known for the fact that there are a lot of matches created that people have never thought about before. Such a match could be to pair knits with a leather jacket. In case you choose the right items, you won’t be looking bulky. In order to get it right for sure you will need to make some experiments.

As you can see this winter is all about layering and making different items match. Now this is the subject that you have to master.


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