When you are buying new clothes most probably you consider that you have to walk down the street in those clothes, and this might stop you from buying some of them. Well, in case you would like to spice your wardrobe up a bit, there are some ideas that you could choose.

In case you have nicely defined eyebrows, you should opt for a dress with a bold color that goes with your overall look. Don’t be afraid of blue during this season. Although it is fashionable to wear monochrome dresses, you may be one of those women who like to mix the colors, and in this case you could also go for the stripes.

Street Style This Fall

It is possible that you want to spice your look a bit, and so this may be the time to go for some breezy items. The best thing about these dresses is that, while they make you look fabulous, they add your style a chic vibe. Another style that you could adopt, that is just perfect for the hot season, is to wear an oversized top and a large hat. This is a look that for sure won’t pass unnoticed.

Blazers could also offer you the look that you have been searching for. When it comes to next spring you could consider the jumbo sized floral prints that add an instant boom to your look. Bright colors are the way to go in case you would like to have a feminine style. Opt for white bottoms and crème top. In order to have the perfect effect, look for a pair of hot stilettos for the days when you don’t have to walk too much.

Shocking people is another way to go to achieve a unique style. Find something that people have never seen before, such as a clutch in the shape of dumbbells. Or is this too much for you?

Having a color theme is also a good idea. You could opt for a top in a burgundy color, and bottoms with polka dots having the same color as a background. Nothing could be more casual-chic than this.

Back to the basics. This could be the motto of those women who like simple prints. You could have clothing made of fabric with patterns similar to a five year old’s drawings.

As you can see there are a lot of ways of getting yourself noticed and making a fashion statement in the same time.


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