As the winter holidays are getting closer, more and more fashion houses present the items that they have prepared for this season. So, Mango is no exception, and we have to say that the designers haven’t been sloppy this year: the designs are just magnificent.

You will find different kinds of flowing dresses, rock chic combinations and menswear inspired outfits. There is no occasion for which you won’t be able to find the right outfit; cocktails, parties, family reunions, or any other social event you may want to atend. With the help of the items offered by Mango it is very easy to enter the atmosphere of the holidays.

Mango Holidays Collection(photo credit:

It doesn’t matter what kind of style or taste you have, you will find something that you like in the new lookbook. In order to be able to make the best of the winter holidays, you should consider investing in elegant and stylish items.

This is your time to shine, so you should be wearing flowing romantic dresses, chic party attires and combinations that will make people’s heads turn after you. In case you are more daring, you could also be thinking about rocking menswear inspired outfits with sky high heels to get an edgy and sexy look. To take things to extremes, you should get a refined and smart blazer paired with tailored trousers. Keep in mind that these kinds of items suggest sophistication and timeless elegance.

There are some dresses that are just perfect for the red carpet. In the majority of the cases these are long and flowing dresses. On the other hand, in case you aren’t one of those romantic girls, borrow the look of a femme fatale with a long purple or red dress for the ultimate effect.

If you would like people to notice you because of the special style that you have, you could go for a sparkly mini dress, accompanied by a leather jacket and some super sexy high heels. This is the perfect look for a rock chic girl.

You might see that the new collection comes with everything that women need in this season. There are the girly and romantic dresses, the dresses that are suitable for the bold and dominating women, and let’s not forget those that would like to show their tough side. In this case you should make sure that you have some leather incorporated in your outfit for the ultimate haute babe look.


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