Mango is a true statement when it comes to fashion and the truth is that nobody expects less from it. The holiday creations have been presented during the fall/winter fashion show, and the interesting thing about it is that the creations have been made by five different designers and they all had different themes to work with.

The themes that the designers had to work with included modern mystique (Bianca Santiago-Reinoso), Alluring Androgyny (Patrick Galang), nudes and neutrals (Myrrh Lao To), glamorous getaway (Teej Nepomuceno) and oriental opulence (Anna Canlas).

Mango and the Glam Touch(photo by

The modern mystique characterizes a working girl that wants clothing that she can actually wear to various places. This is why all the clothes have been created to be able to be worn to work and then the girls to be able to go for a drink right after. Basic pieces made up the collection including trousers, blouses, tank tops and blazers with a bit of animal prints.

The best thing about the clothes is that it is easy to pull them off. You just need a blazer or a trench coat, and naturally you shouldn’t forget about the scarves either.

Alluring androgyny is totally different from the previous collection. We might say that this is the dark side of this season, since the main focus is on black. There are numerous tailored pieces and the interesting thing is that we can also see clothes with leather.

Layering is another characteristic of the collection and it was also common to see three belts wrapped around the waists of the models. The best thing about the style is that it is more than wearable.

When it comes to the holiday wear there is one dress that you shouldn’t forget about: the polka dot dress that has been inspired by Stella McCartney. Nonetheless if you would like to get into the holiday feeling, but you don’t want to give up your sporty look up, then you can always go for a pair of nice jeans and a lose fit blouse with a suit jacket.

You can achieve the perfect style in case you opt for the right shoes and accessories. At this moment the most suitable shoes would be a pair of peep-toes or stilettos that will make you look sophisticated and elegant.

Besides the clothes, Mango also offers bracelets made of crystal beads, necklaces and different kinds of embellishments.


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