Forget about the old fashioned sweaters for the winter season. This year Balenciaga managed to redefine the meaning of the sweaters, by creating the well-known dog face sweaters. On the other hand, we have to note that Givenchy didn’t stay behind either, presenting their collection of sweaters with cat faces. So…no matter which animal you prefer, this is the time to make room in your wardrobe for the new items.

In case you are thinking about animal face sweaters, there might be one character that pops into your mind: Mark Darcy of Bridget Jones who has been rocking a sweater with the face of a reindeer (most probably Rudolph). At that time people didn’t really know that in this season this kind of sweater will become a major trend.

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A lot of people like to imagine that they can hug from time to time a nice and furry little animal, and this is exactly the advantage that these sweaters have to offer you not to mention that this is the perfect pattern for an oversized sweater.

It is very probable that not everybody can afford a sweater of $1,000 like the ones of Balenciaga, and this is why you might also want to consider the dog faced sweaters offered by Wildfox Couture, just as the one that has been worn by Brenda Song.

Urban Outfitters has also come up with a kind of sweater on its own, so that the style will be more affordable for the majority of people. Forever 21 has also introduced some animal faces and it looks like Top Shop doesn’t want to fall behind either, keeping the pace with the other retailers.

The best thing about these sweaters is that they are fun, distressed and oversized, not to mention that they are more than hot during the cold season. In case this is all you want from fashion, then the sweater is a must have for this season.

Although at first the new trend might seem a bit awkward, you should know that even the celebrities are trying to make the best of it, just as Heidi Klum who has been spotted with a sweater of this kind with the face of a German shepherd.

It’s funny how fashion turns out from time to time. A while ago we used to laugh at the items that now are smoking hot. Who knows what will the next season bring?


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