Although one of the things that summer is the most well-known for are the parties that take place, it doesn’t mean that as fall comes people stop partying. Although you have to change your wardrobe a bit, you can be sure that you will find some dresses that you will simply love.

Polka Dot Dress by Fearne Cotton

It looks like the dots are back in ladies fashion again, and the design of this dress will take you right back to the 1950s. The unusual details will give a fun twist to the well-known polka dots. The interesting thing about the dress is that it comes with a matching cape that has soft pleats for a subtle effect.

polka dress fashion

Peplum Dress by Trinny & Suzannah

In case you aren’t really into the spirit of the 1950s, you might be keener on wearing a dress that seems to be coming from the 1980s. Naturally the dress that we are talking about is the modernized version. The best thing about the dress is that it flattens the belly and draws the attention to the hips, offering a feminine look and creating the hourglass silhouette. In case you are looking for the ultimate sexy look, don’t forget about the side swept hair and berry lipstick.

Tartan Dress by Fearne Cotton

If you don’t want to have the same look as every other woman at the party, you might consider wearing a classic tartan dress. The main point of the dress is that it combines the formal black top with the casual mini skirt. Your look should seem effortless, so consider wearing it with a pair of patent heels. The jewelry is the finishing touch, and if you opt for the dress you shouldn’t be afraid to have some skulls.

Mod Dress by Love Label

Are you a sweet girl? You might want to consider wearing a candy colored dress that has the 1960s vibe such as this mod dress. This is the best look in case you would like to achieve an hourglass figure with the help of the flared skirt. There is also a keyhole detail in the back that adds a nice finish. Don’t forget about the matching nail polish and a pretty bag.

Lace Dress by Glam By Caprice

Lace details always offer an elegant touch to the dresses, and this is why a dress of this kind is just perfect for any party.



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