Who said that working in the corporate field means that you can kiss goodbye to fashion? It is true that there are some items and styles that you cannot wear, but still there are a lot of styles that you can try. In case you are feeling like you are drifting away from the world of fashion, keep in mind that you can be elegant and fashionable in the office too.

Corporate Fashionable Workaholics(photo credit: http://www.refinery29.com)

Pencil skirt and ruffle collar jacket

In case you would like to show off your sense of fashion at work without being out of line, consider a suit of this kind in a deep green hue that is just perfect for the fall.

Anne Klein Short Sleeve Skirt Suit

Just as the name suggests, this suit comes with a short sleeve, and this is why you might be limited when it comes to wearing the suit by the weather. The advantage of the suit is that it is comfortable to wear and very chic, not to mention that it works wonderfully with a trench.

Pants and Elie Tahari Jacket

In case you aren’t a fan of getting suits that come with items that are meant to match, you could do the matching on your own. In case you are going for a blazer, you should know that the skinny belts are a nice addition to them and they can create the waist that you have always been dreaming about.

The corporate world

If you are working in the corporate world, consider going for button up blazers in rich and dark colors. Regarding the bottoms, there are a lot of options to choose from. Nonetheless know that the best option is to go for the skirts that aren’t too tight, of about knee length, suit dresses and tailored pants.

As a tip, you could be searching at retailers for bottoms that are made of the same fabric, so that it will be easier to match them.

Going professional

In case you aren’t working in the corporate world but you would still like to be nicely dressed, you have more options than in case of the corporate world, but still you have to make sure that the items you choose aren’t too fashionable. The trendiest fabrics of this season include boucle and tweed.

Now you know what to look out for.


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