When people are talking about cardigans, you don’t have to think about the old pieces that your granny used to knit, but the fashionable items that have the possibility to spice up just any look. So why should you wear cardigans?

Color and interest

If you think that your wardrobe lacks color, you should go out and get a colorful cardigan. This year it is really fashionable to wear purple cardigans. Even if you are planning on wearing a simple black top, a pair of jeans and some jewelry, this item could do wonders for your look.

Fall Cardigans(photo credit: http://www.chictopia.com)

Dress up or down

The cardigan is one of the most versatile items of them all. You can wear one to go to class and to stay warm, but you can also wear them to work, formal dinners and internships.

The weather

In case you have a cardigan, the weather simply cannot surprise you. You should always have one in your tote bag to make sure that you won’t be cold in the evening and to protect yourself against the harmful effects of air conditioning.

Summer to fall

These items make it possible to wear the same tank tops during the fall that you have been wearing during the summer. This means that you will have to spend less on your fall wardrobe.

Style it

There are a lot of celebrities that have been spotted with cardigans, such as Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon and Rachel Bilson. You can pair the item with skinny jeans, a dress, flats and also a scarf.

Which one to choose

In case you are looking for cardigans to buy, here are some options: BDG Marbled Cable Fisherman Cardigan and Staring at Stars Marled Wide Open Placket Cardigan from Urban Outfitters, Golden Gate Cardigan from Anthropologie, Fair Isle Cardigan and Stripped Chunky Sweater Cardigan from Forever 21, Corner Coffee Shop Cardigan from ModCloth, Missimo Shawl Cardigan from Target, Ribbed Shawl – Collar Sweater from Gap, and Short Cardigan from H&M. These are the must have items of this fall.

Tips about cardigans

In case you happen to find the perfect cardigan, make sure that you stock up. You can get the same design in different colors.

It is a good idea to have a basic cardigan when you are wearing a textured cami.

Don’t forget that dresses also work wonderful with cardigans. This might be the spice that you need.


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