It looks like this fall it is time to shine. One of the hottest trends regarding the clothes is to opt for the ones that come with pailettes. Why are these so popular? Because they allow women to shine without being too jumpy.

In case you are looking for something cute and festive at the same time, you should consider JS Boutique Pailette Trim Trapeze Dress. This is one of those girly dresses that are just great for a night out and it sparkles just as much as it should.

Fall Party Dress

You might be looking for only one piece of clothing that sparkles, and in this case consider a mini skirt. Now you can find numerous multicolor skirts that look amazing with a simple shirt or blouse and tights. Think about Tory Burch Linia Skirt.

You could remind people of the beauty of mermaids in case you opt for a sexy and shimmery blouse. This is perfect to wear with black trousers or simple jeans. One of the blouses that you could like is Ann Taylor Sunlight Pailette Shell.

You could go back to that era when the pailettes were fashionable, and so you could also consider getting a dress with a vintage touch. As an example there is a turquoise dress that you should only wear if you are confident enough, since for sure there will be heads turning after you – this is the Dolce & Gabbana Pailette Embellished Dress.

When thinking about pailettes, you don’t necessarily have to be thinking about something very elaborate. You could opt for a simple round-neck tee that it just perfect to make a pair of jeans more interesting. You can find such a tee if you take a look at Schumacher Treasures O-Neck Top.

While in the majority of the cases you can find the pailettes on the body of the blouses of dresses, there are also some pieces that have them on the sleeves. This is the way to go in case you don’t want to look like everybody else. Consider getting Free People Sequin Sleeve Pullover.

Feathers and pailettes? This must be the ultimate fashion statement. You don’t necessarily have to be thinking as a fashionista. You might like this tank even in case you are just looking for something extremely cute. If the idea is appealing to you, make sure that you take a look at Foley + Corinna Feather Trim Crop Vest.


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