The trends for this season have been set for some time now, and if you are a true fashionista there is one important thing that you should do before the cold season comes: make some room for the coats in your wardrobe.

According to the professionals, this is the piece of clothing that will make all the difference in this season.

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The ovoid shape coat

We don’t have to be surprised by the presence of this item among the trendiest ones, because vintage is one of the major trends. The look of the ovoid shape coat has been inspired by the 1960s. They are characterized by the baggy shape and by the fact that they are rounded at the shoulders.

You might not want to blend in with the rest of the world, and then opt for a cool shade that for sure would stand out, such as blue, red or orange. You can be certain that there are going to be many heads turning after you.

Faux fur coats

One of the things that have always been associated with luxury is fur. This is why the faux fur coats cannot miss from the wardrobe of fashion conscious women. It doesn’t really matter what kind of coat you opt for, you can be sure that it will spice your wardrobe up instantly. There are some classic styles that you can choose, but on the other hand there are the monochrome ones that are more than modern.

Luxe Parka

In case you are going for the casual chic style, this kind of coat is a must have for you. You can turn a casual attire into a fabulous one with the help of this coat that has been inspired by Kate Moss. In case you would like to go even further with the style, you can also choose one that comes with fur details. Naturally you will need to experiment a bit before you make a choice.

Boy’s style

Those women who would like to make a statement through having a boy inspired look should really consider the androgynous coats. There are so many designs to choose from, including blazers, biker jackets, and Crombie coats. You just have to find the style that is the most suitable for you and make sure that you will rock it all season long.

Do you think it gets any better than this regarding coats?


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