The New Year always comes with… new jeans trends. According to the fashion experts the trends for jeans in 2012 in case of men are really hot, sexy and brutal in the same time.

Mens Jeans

Turn up

Before it happened many times that you bought a pair of new jeans and you had to wait some time before you could actually wear them because a tailor has been working on them. In the next year you don’t have to worry in case you buy jeans that are too long, because the turn up is a major trend. There are a lot of designers that have been using this style as the main element of the collections, such as Andrew, Lee Jeans, and Diesel Black Gold.

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The color

One of the main characteristics of the jeans offered by Lee Jeans is the grey-blue color. This color is just great for those people who are too busy to do the laundry, but that have an active lifestyle. This color works great for dates. These jeans show the world that you are fashion conscious, and you can be sure that women will appreciate your behind in these jeans.

Pink for men?

If you consider yourself a true fashionista, there is something that shouldn’t miss from your wardrobe the next season: peachy-pink jeans. This is the kinds of jeans that Diesel offers.


In case you are practicing some sports that need a lot of movement, for sure you have damaged your jeans before, and they needed to be patched. Starting with next year these patches aren’t a last resort, but a major trend. You can have these patches both on jeans and on regular trousers and this year they don’t suggest to the world that you are sloppy, but that you are interested in fashion.

Going short

It might have happened to you that you washed your favorite jeans and they shrank, so that people could see your socks. Although in the past this has been somewhat embarrassing, it is considered to become trendy by the next year.


The last trends that we can see in the next season are the long fly jeans that are relaxed and laid back. Such jeans could have been spotted in the collection of D&G for next spring. The best thing about this new trend is that it is more comfortable for men to wear jeans now.


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