Whoever thought that fashion is only for women, was more than wrong. Men should also be careful about their looks, and this is why it might be a good idea to take a look at the trends that the new season has prepared for us. Just as in the previous years, the trend is actually a mixture of different looks.

Men Fall Winter Fashion

Macintoshes with belt

The style is actually quite old, a jacket of this kind has been sold for the first time in 1824, but it looks like the style is back with new forces. For sure we will see a lot of double breasted jackets of this kind, and their majority most probably will have an olive color.

You should keep in mind that certain skin tones aren’t suitable for this color, so you have to adjust your wardrobe accordingly. You could always go for dark brown, grey or black.

Cord jacket

Although you could think that this is a thing of the past, it looks like old is the newest new. In order to embrace the style, purchase a jacket of this kind to have something eternal in your closet. For the bold people the trendiest colors are the plum-browns, but in case you don’t have enough confidence to wear these, you could also opt for the more traditional colors.

Hobnail boots

The good thing about these shoes is that they suggest strength and also that they are becoming more and more trendy. You should be looking for those made of leather. It is true that they may be a bit too much for business dinners, but they might be just perfect for a more casual outing.


When it comes to diamond patterns, they should never be present on your shirts, ties or pants, but you should know that the socks have a trend on their own as well, and in this case this is it: diamond patterns. Also, if you like it, you could have the same pattern on your scarf as well.


It is common for people to buy chunky knits, but there are some that add pounds to your body just like magic. You should go for those that are bulk free and that don’t have a lot of ribbing or edging. Before buying consider the look of the color and the texture on the body type that you have and also the skin tone.


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