It has been known for a long period of time that Kanye West is going to make his debut as a fashion designer and the moment of truth has come. He has unveiled the collection that he has been working on for quite some time now.

According to the participants, before the show he has been repeating that he is very nervous and he just wanted the whole thing to end. There have been a lot of well-known people attending his show, including Anna Wintoour, Azzedine Alaia, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen and also Ciara.

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Ciara has been sitting in the front row and she said that she understands the thing that Kanye West is going through, since this has been an event that a lot of people have been talking about.

There are some specific characteristics of the new collection, such as being sporty, clean, marketable and in the same time sexy. It is true that the sources of inspiration have been somewhat obvious in certain situations. As an example there has been a leather jacket that is practical and wearable, but it reminded people of the Epi collection, designed by Louis Vuitton.

Nonetheless the jacket has been made even more interesting, since it has sleeves, but the user can also put her hands through slits, making the jacket look like a cape.

Another really interesting element of the collection has been the fox fur backpack that added a hint of eccentricity to the collection. There have been some other items as well that have been a bit confusing, including the color block pants. These shouldn’t be mistaken for the pants with different patterns that can be seen in New York.

These are made using various kinds of materials, including leather, and the most notable feature is the boot-cut that is slim. The signature element of the item is considered to be the golden zipper.

The dresses that he has created also brought a shock to the world of fashion, since they come with demure hemlines. To make the clothing even more practical, there are some dresses that come with a zipper at the waist to make the dress wearable as a skirt as well.

As you can see Kanye West has given his best for this show and he managed to create a collection that people will remember because for sure they are going to talk about it for some time.


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