It looks like this season retro is the new trendy. All the major designers, including Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, Donna Karan, and Louis Vuitton, have adopted the new style. We have to add that retro has been in fashion in the previous season as well, and it shows no signs of going away. Wearing the 40s styles isn’t considered to be granny-style anymore, but chic and fashionable.

The main pieces that you will find this season belonging to the trend are pencil skirts and tea dresses. The good thing about these dresses is that they are advantageous for just any silhouette; they nip at the waist, slimming it, which works out perfectly for those with a straight figure. The A-line skirts that the dresses come with are more advantageous for women with a curvier look.

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In order to have the perfect 40s look, you should get one of these tea dresses with t-bar shoes or mary-janes. If you are aiming for a more glamorous look, then accompany them with pointed courts or kitten heels. In case it is casual that you are going for, just choose the brogues with a more vintage look.

On the other hand, if you just aren’t one of the tea dress girls, then opt for the pencil skirt. A pussy blow blouse works out very fine with these skirts, not to mention the blouses having a Peter Pan collar. The skinny belts also match very well with the outfit, and the shoes that you should choose are the same as in the previous case. The looks are perfect for both the office and as evening wear.

In case you can’t find a skirt that is long enough for you, you could also wear knee high socks or opaque tights in order to hide your legs.

If you are going for the mary-janes or the t-bar shoes, you should make sure that you choose the ones that come with thin straps to make your ankles look thinner.

When preparing for a special occasion, look for the blouses made of satin. Besides this, you will also need a structured pencil skirt and in order to look absolutely fabulous you should find some impressive jewelry too.

You might not be one of the girls who like to wear dresses or skirts, so you could also opt for the trousers with high waists. They look amazing for the style.


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