Dior is known to be one of the most famous fashion houses of them all, but since Galliano has left it his job hasn’t been filled by anyone else. Some time has passed since nobody new came and this is why a lot of people start asking whether this is the job that nobody really wants.

The latest name that has been mentioned as a potential new designer is Alexander Wang from New York, a young designer that is known for the luxe T-shirts that he has introduced.

Dior(photo credit: http://www.guardian.co.uk)

On the other hand a British designer’s name has also been mentioned, more specifically the name of Erdem. Since then there have also been some other names mentioned that are well-known in the world of fashion, including Marc Jacobs after presenting a successful new collection and Cathy Horyn, but she didn’t have such a successful new line.

There are a lot of people that would like to see Alber Elbaz as the new ‘employee’ of Dior because he is able to come up with new feminine pieces that the fashion house could only benefit from. He is also able to play with colors and create clothing that is fashionable and womanly. All these are characteristics of the French fashion house.

Mary Katrantzou could also become a potential candidate. She works very well with the colors and she can also create clothes for a great show. Another question that we should ask ourselves is why aren’t many women among the potential candidates?

All of the potential designers have some pros and cons…

Marc Jacobs

He works very well in case we look at things from the incomes’ point of view and he is already popular enough for people to know his name. Still we have to mention that he has never worked before with couture and people would be quite demanding with him.

Alexander Wang

He could become the next most well-known designer of the world and most probably the pieces that he creates wouldn’t be that expensive. Still up to now he didn’t have any experience with working in a place like that and he doesn’t really handle brands.

Riccardo Tisci

He is an important person when it comes to couture and he is popular among the editors, not to mention that he has some plans for the future. Because he has a really good job at Givenchy it is quite unlikely that he will switch.


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