Almost the entire fashion world is talking about Sarah Burton after she has presented her latest collection at Paris Fashion Week. The most interesting thing about the new collection is that, apparently, it has been inspired by cabbages.

The main point is to have feminine figures with dresses that are rich in frilling and ruche that come in pink, nude, beige. This is the characteristic of the skirts, the print and the texture. One of the main characteristics has been the presence of the aged gold color that makes people think of the medieval times.

Vision for an Aquatic Style

Another aspect of the collection that also caught that attention of people is the macramé laces. These laces add a gothic effect to the entire collection. We have seen evening gowns with black lace of the most unnatural and unusual kind possible. The designer went even further, and placed lace on the head of the models as well, as a helmet. Certainly this trend isn’t suitable for just any person.

Nonetheless there are some more wearable items as well, such as the corset-like jackets that come with leather belts. The skirts that have been presented along with the jackets are also narrowed, and so this style is suitable for just any woman, making the silhouette look slimmer and offering the hourglass shape.

The best kind of material in order to create these cabbage-inspired items is chiffon, because the fabric can be gathered, offering the desired shape. The colors of the outfits are extremely important in this case, and we can see lavender, pink and coral. We have to ask ourselves: don’t these colors look a bit too much like the vegetal world?

All in all, we can say that the entire collection had a feeling of mystical elements, and it managed to bring people back to the medieval times. In every season there are some collections that are different from all the others, and regarding the next season, this collection seems to be the one. Naturally we can’t expect to see women wearing such creations, unless they are dying to get some attention.

According to the majority of women the collection is way too eccentric for them to wear it, but still we have to add that there are some items that are really advantageous for women, as it has been mentioned before, enhancing their silhouette. We will see whether other designers will adopt the same style.


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