This fall there are a lot of prints to fall in love with. These are the kinds of prints that will bring the cold season to life. Regarding the colors, we are already used to the fact that the colors of the fall are less vibrant and vivid compared with the colors of summer.

Nonetheless there are no boundaries when it comes to the shapes and patterns.

2011 Fall Prints(photo by

It is true that it is popular to opt for simple prints, but in case you would like to become the center of attention, you need to consider those really hot prints. Although the floral prints are a characteristic of the summer time, they seem to stick around for another season. Their size, shape and color varies but they all suggest feminity.

You can opt for bold or small floral prints, and these can be added to skirts, dresses, tops and a lot more.

Another print that you should keep an eye out is the animal print. Although these are feminine as well, they are sexier and a bit wilder than the floral prints. You should consider the leopard, snakeskin and zebra prints.

If you take a look at the runways, for sure you will recognize the ethnic and tribal prints. At the moment one of the hottest prints is the Aztec print that originated from Mexico and at the beginning it has been worn by tribesmen.

Nonetheless in the current trend the Aztec prints have been combined with abstract designs. There have been numerous celebrities spotted with such prints, including Rihanna, Zoe Kravitz and Kim Kardashian.

If you take a look at the runway you may think that all the patterns look alike, but if you take a closer look, you will see that they are really versatile. You will find small polka dots, as well as smudged Dalmatian dots. Also you can choose to have an outfit that comes with patterns all over it or that only has some accents, looking less sparkly.

Some say that the best thing about the trend is that it allows you to experiment with the different patterns. Choose from the big, medium or small dots, dainty prints, dots on print or dots on dots or even dots on solid.

In case you didn’t observe this new trend until now, you can be sure to see it in every store during the entire fall and most probably in the warm season too.


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