When it comes to men’s fashion there is something that doesn’t seem to get forgotten: the suit. Although the designs change from one season to the other, the concept remains the same. In this season there are two main characteristics of the suits: classicism and masculinity.

The classic part refers to the fact that the designers have taken the elements of the suits in their peak era and have applied them on the modern silhouettes. The peak era is considered to be the Victorian era, the 1930s and in some cases also the 1960s.

 Men Suits(photo credit: www.dennisbuchanan.com)

The masculinity part is a little more complicated, because you can’t just tell a tailor that you want a suit more macho than any other he has made. This is why the suits in this season are all about the cut that should complement the physique of the one wearing the suit. This should broaden the shoulder and trim the waist while highlighting the exercised body.

All in all the main point is for the suit to make the wearer feel masculine and confident. Feeling is the key because in some cases it is masculine to have a clean cut, while for others it is important to have extra details.

Suit cuts

Among the terms that you will find regarding suits in this season for sure you will encounter skinny and slim. You don’t have to think about the truly skinny suits of 2008/2009, but to those that aren’t too boxy either. These are characterized by broad shoulders, slim trousers and slim waist.

Men Suits(photo credit: famewatcher.com)

Single breasted suits

We have to note that these kinds of suits simply never go out of fashion. They are considered to be a default style, but still they are dominating this season. Nonetheless we might consider this a new style in contrast with the double breasted suits of 2009/2010.

Sleek cut

This is one of the two dominant single breasted suit designs of this season. This is great for the slick people that don’t want to look casual. They are really masculine and they are suitable for the people who want to achieve this look with restraint.

The confidence cut

These suits come with extra, and potentially overt details. It takes quite some confidence to be able to pull off such a suit. In case you are one of those people who are looking for a little extra in their life, this is the suit that you should be going for.


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