A lot of people consider that men’s fashion is not as interesting as women’s fashion, but in this year it is both interesting and bold. On the runways we could have seen numerous different fabrics including luxurious ones in various colors, like classic grays and also vibrant colors.

In this season every collection is rich in textures and colors. There is also a large diversity. As an example those that like the military style have the possibility to still rock it, but there are many other styles to choose from as well.

Mens Coats Trend

Add some color

One of the major trends this fall is the preppy trend. This is just perfect for those people who like being comfortable and casual. All these clothes come in bright hues and for sure you can find them in the collections of Vivienne Westwood, Junya Watanabe, Tommy Hilfiger, Acne, D&G and also Etro.

Be classic

One of the most classic colors is considered to be gray. The advantage is that is can be worn with many different colors, including black and white, but also bold colors. You can be casual with gray, but you can also have a business suit of the same color. Choose from the collections of Michael Kors, D&G, Dior Homme, Bogetta Veneta and Lanvin.

Neutral and something else

For the next season a lot of designers have opted for the neutral colors. To make sure that the clothing won’t get boring these neutral hues have been mixed with bright colors to make things pop. In order to make a brown suit more interesting, add a deep red scarf to it. The collections that you should consider include Canali, Etro, Salvatore Ferregamo, and also Michael Kors.

Go stylish

The jackets of this season include both single and double breasted versions. The trendiest suits have been seen at the shows of Gucci, D&G, Versace, Hermes, Michael Kors, Canali and also Salvatore Ferregamo. You can also find some overalls and workwear in the collections of G-Star, Hermes, Buckler, and Marni too.


A lot of luxurious fabrics have been used in the latest collections, and one of the most popular of them is velvet, but fur, cashmere calfskin and leather have also been added. All these could have been seen among the collections of Salvatore Ferregamo, Etro, Versace and some others too.

If you want a jacket for the next season, you have some options to choose from.


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